Read a Story Today

I’ve decided I want my website to be sort of like a virtual bookstore. Granted, all the books are mine (LOL) but I do have interviews with other authors and I’ll be doing more of those throughout the summer…both in fantasy and other genres. For now, I thought it would be fun to make my short stories free and even have some free previews of my longer books. Stop by, look around, and hopefully find something fun to read! You’ll have to provide your own tea, coffee, or beverage of choice and a cozy place to curl up with a book, but I do have some stories for you to read. 💕☕️📚

The Trilogy is Complete

The series is finished and the first ebook is FREE today! 💕🎄🎁

Maggie McCrae knew her granddaughters were not ready for the legacy she must leave them. The house, the grounds and everything that went with it would now be theirs. She vowed she would do all she could to protect them and hopefully, give them the time they needed to fulfill their destiny. Gabriella and Moira must learn to trust themselves and each other as they discover the true magic of Burrows Bay.

burrows holiday graphic.png

Sweet Romance for Christmas

I finished my Christmas story! Happy Holidays. 💕🎄

A small town has held on to their traditions and celebrates Christmas as if it were 100 years ago…which reporter Jake Logan finds surprisingly charming, but wonders if it’s too good to be true.

Jake has traveled the world but never really felt at home, until he spends time in a town that has its own unique way of celebrating the holidays. The longer he stays, the more he comes to like the town, the people, and one charming B&B owner in particular.

Lorna Sullivan has never met anyone like Jake, but she knows tourists don’t stay once the holidays are over. The more time she spends with Jake, the easier it is to wonder if this could be different…but there are secrets in every town and this one could destroy their chance at happiness.