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Read More of my Fantasy Story for FREE

Amazon made my FREE ‘look inside’ section longer! 💕☕️📚
So excited because now readers can view more of the story for free, then decide if they’d like to read the rest. Also has a new cover!  Just click on the book…it will stop when the free part is over and ask you if you wish to buy the rest.
When a kelpie asks for your help, it’s probably a good idea to say yes.
As two humans learn more about a magical battle that impacts both their kingdoms, they soon realize there’s more at stake than who controls magic. They could lose their lands and their freedom if they can’t stop an evil sorceress, who is willing to destroy everything to regain her power.



New Pen Name for My Fantasy Books

I’ve found that I can write in almost any genre as long as I maintain the same heat levels in the romance.  Most of my books have sweet/clean romance, but the fantasy books are more PG to PG-13, so it seemed like a good idea to create a pen name.

Jazzmyn Storm not only writes fantasy and paranormal romance…she also her own story that’s being released in five parts.  Of course, this is also fictional but makes it more fun to bring people to the new website.  I will also have all of ‘her’ books listed at the top of this site, so they’re easy to find.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Here’s the author page:

And here’s the website, which is featuring the new book.  Thank you for reading my stories! ❤

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Hope you’ll join us at Sweet Romance Books for Readers & Authors on Facebook!  Just ask to be invited and we’ll be happy to include you.  Here’s our latest post:

I thought we’d try something a little different for the holidays. We’ll have a thread for free books (actually free, not free with KU), one for 99c books and one for everything else and leave them up through Christmas. Wishing you all the happiest of holidays! 💞🎄💞
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