Lilac City Comicon on June 3rd and 4th

I’m so excited to be sponsoring the Lilac City Comicon this year!  To celebrate, I have my serialized fairytale story, “Robin and Jamie Books 1-12” on sale for 99 cents and the other Books in the series will be FREE.  The sale will start on Fairytale Friday, June 2nd and go through the weekend!

Here’s an excerpt from Book 16:

As Debra walked through the corridors of the castle, her guards hurried to keep up with her. About halfway to the king’s chambers, she saw Malachi walking towards her. He was Captain of the King’s Guards and as he approached, Debra waved her hand, dismissing her own guards.

“Milady” Malachi addressed her, bowing. He watched her guards retreat down the hall, then stood again and took a step towards her, adding, “I am sorry that I failed you. We were not able to capture the traveler in the forest.”

“So, I noticed,” Debra replied, “but it does not matter.” She smiled, holding out a piece of paper. “I was able to get the property without your help. I was just about to take this to the king.”

“And how did you manage that?” Malachi asked, reaching out for the paper.

Debra pulled her arm back, keeping the paper out of his reach. “Let us just say that yet again, I managed to accomplish my goal without your help.”

“I don’t think that’s fair, Milady,” Malachi said, taking another step towards her. “We really didn’t have much notice on this particular mission…and I ended up losing one of my best operatives.”

“Yes, I heard about that,” Debra replied. At his look, she added, “Don’t be so surprised, you know I have my sources. And it wasn’t anyone’s fault but your own that you lost that operative. You killed him yourself.”

“He was asking for more money,” Malachi said, “after failing in his assignment. I can’t stand sloppy work.”

“On that we are agreed.” Debra looked at him, her eyes narrowing. “Tell me why I shouldn’t punish you in the same way?”

“Because we both know you need me,” Malachi replied, holding her gaze…



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