Abigail’s Books

As many of you know, Abigail McKee is the co-author of the Burrows Bay books…but she also writes children’s stories. Here are the covers and links to her Amazon page, where she has ebooks, paperbacks, and most available as hardcovers. All her children’s books are currently in Kindle Unlimited, so enjoy the stories!

Each year at Christmas, Santa gives gifts to all the children of the world. This year he also wants to give something very special to Mrs. Claus. She is always there for him. She bakes cookies, sews his red suit and so many other things to make sure he is ready to go on Christmas Eve. The gift he gives her has to be the most wonderful gift, he just isn’t sure what. So he asks his friends the elves and reindeer for help. The elves have great ideas for gifts…children and the reindeer have perfect gift ideas too…for reindeer! Santa doesn’t have much time before Christmas to find a very special gift for Mrs. Claus. Will he be able to find one for her? And what will it be?

Cricket is a beautiful dog, who is blind. Milo is her best friend and seeing eye dog. Milo rides on Cricket’s back telling her everything he sees. They go everywhere and love visiting new places. In this story, the two best friends decide to visit Seattle. They start their day with a ride on the Ferris wheel. Then walk through the Farmer’s Market, where they see flying fish and get flowers. Then their journey takes them up to the top of the Space Needle. After a wonderful adventure in the city they enjoy a hot dog before heading home. It is the first book in the Cricket and Milo series.

Cricket and Milo Visit London is the second book of the ‘Cricket and Milo, series. In this delightful story, the two dogs fly across the pond to London. Milo rides along on Cricket’s back, guiding his blind friend through the city, telling her all the wonderful sights he sees. Their tour begins with a ride on red double decker bus. They see London Bridge and Buckingham Palace. They even ride on a motorcycle to Stonehenge! But that’s not all, there are other wonderful things they see while in London. Read along and enjoy where Cricket and Milo’s journey will take them.

Margery is a cute little witch, who is 10. She’s very excited, because not only is it Halloween, but it’s also First Flight night. The night when all 10 year old witches get to fly their brooms for the very first time. When her best friend, Harry the spider, points out she’s missing one more item required to fly in Flight Night. What do they need and will they find it in time for Margery to fly in Flight Night.