Being a Self-Published Author…

It’s challenging, exciting, stressful, overwhelming, delightful…occasionally, all at the same time!  There’s no job in the world like it and I enjoy almost every minute of it.

Despite some of the rumors, I don’t think this is a get-rich-quick type of industry.  Oh sure, it can happen.  Maybe.  Once in a while.  But for me, it’s a 3 to 5 year, long-term business plan.  Write, market, learn more about everything (because unless you have a big budget, you wear a LOT of hats in this business) and then learn some more. 🙂

Covers, blurbs, genres, write-to-market, write what you love, promos, newsletters, social media, networking, the list goes on and on.  Not to mention, beware of the ‘too good to be true’ promises.  Not saying it can’t happen, but my experience has been there’s no such thing as a free lunch…although there are free books.  I think they’re a great way for readers to try a new (to them) author and see if they enjoy their work.

Finally, be careful and do what feels right.  Always.  If you have to talk yourself into doing something, you might want to think twice about going down that path.  I’m not saying don’t do it, just make sure it’s where you want to end up.  For all of us, our word, our integrity…is what we (and others) can rely upon.  I believe no amount of money is worth a person jeopardizing their good name.  Or even a pen name.

So, if you’ve been doing this for a week or several years…keep writing, keep learning, keep moving forward.  Write what you love, write to market, maybe even find a way to do both.  Whatever you decide, all the best and may your books continue to please readers for many years to come!