Down in the Well

The characters in the historical novelette series are loosely based on my mom’s side of the family, but these short stories are inspired by my dad’s memories of his grandparents.

What was life like for a rural farm couple in the early 1900s? Follow them as they share romance, love, understanding and hope. These very short stories show how two people continue to see the best in each other and appreciate every day they have together.

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Down in the Well

When I was a young boy, I asked my grandfather how he proposed to his wife.  He said that he showed my grandmother a magical moment.

When my grandmother was a young woman, she came over to watch my grandfather and his friends dig a new well.  He asked her if she’d ever been down in the bottom of a well, and she said no, she never had.  He told her that if she wanted to go down with him, he would show her something truly magical in the afternoon sky.

She agreed, and his friends lowered him to the bottom, then helped her down as well. My grandfather told her not to look up until she reached the very bottom.  It was dark that far down in the well as the sun was no longer directly overhead.

As my grandfather reached over to help her, he told her to look up.  My grandmother looked up at the sky…and saw only the stars.  It was like night with the stars shining brightly in the middle of the afternoon.

She looked at him and said it was the most magical thing she’d ever seen!  He smiled and asked if it was magical enough for her to marry him…and she said yes.

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