Fairies walk among us


Many, many generations ago….

Our land was covered with trees. They rose up from the valleys and reached into the sky. Trees were the guardians of all that was and ever would be. And there was peace throughout our land.

Then, they came. The ones who chased the animals and cut down the trees. They spread across the land like wildfire until almost no place was safe. And that’s when the fairies came and changed everything.

Fairies. They are probably not like the fairies known in other lands. Our fairies are quite tall and choose not to show their wings. They prefer to walk through the woods and meadows, while talking to the creatures all around them. But they were not always here. They came at a time, when we all feared there would be no way of stopping…them.

They were the destroyers. They came from the rivers and when they saw our land, they saw only wealth. Not beauty, not harmony, only what they called potential. As if we had not already achieved the potential of what we are and what we need. But they did not care. They brought their tree-killers with them and began to destroy everything we cared about. The birds and small forest animals hid as long as they could until they joined the rest of us …and ran for their lives. There seemed to be no way of stopping this madness.

So, faced with no other hope, we sought out the fairies. We called to them for help. To beg them for mercy. But nothing happened. No help came. And we believed we were alone…

Then one day, as we feared the destruction would reach even the farthest corner of our woods, the fairies came. They simply arrived.  No one knew from where, but they came to us and promised that the destroyers would leave and never return. They would no longer hurt us and we would live in safety once more.

The fairies did not call themselves fairies…they called themselves “forest rangers” but we knew the truth. We deer are not a superstitious group, but only fairies have the ability to stop such evil. However, if they want to be known as rangers, we will honor their wishes.