Hidden Realms – WIP

Cover reveal for my next fantasy/fairytale story!

When Serena awakens in an unfamiliar land, she must rely on three strangers to help her find her friends.  As they travel through this mysterious and often dangerous kingdom, she soon discovers there is much more at stake than she ever imagined.

This song plays an important part in the story.

Tulisian Lullaby

Close your eyes, my sweet little baby
Say farewell to cares of the day.
And sleep the sleep of one who has taken
A faraway trip to Faerie-land Bay.

Where pirates on ships and beautiful maidens
Sing the songs of infinite play
And fall asleep on clouds of soft cotton
Drifting across the Infinite Way.

So, hold on tight to all that’s been given
To every child who ever did stay,
For one special night or many long seasons,
Watching the wonders of magical Fae.

Now, come back to me and know you are loved
Not just tonight…but every day.
For you, little one, my most precious baby
Lie safe in my arms, and my heart, come what may.