Jazzmyn Storm

Jazzmyn Storm is a spy with a secret she can’t remember…and a man who haunts her dreams.

When she wakes up in a U.S. hospital, Jazzmyn discovers she’s missing almost a month of time.  Time she spent on a covert assignment in Romania.

As she starts to uncover what really happened during those missing weeks, she realizes the truth may be more surprising than she ever imagined.

What happens when the people you thought you could trust betray you? That’s bad enough in any relationship, but when you’re a spy it can be deadly.

This story does have a paranormal element, which most readers enjoy.

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Available in ebook, paperback and audiobook  https://www.amazon.com/Storm-Front-Memoirs-Secret-Agent-ebook/dp/B07QJ835G2

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And the cover reveal for the sequel!

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