Kickstarter Campaign

This campaign will fund a series of historical romance books that I’ll be researching this year…and writing next year.  Be sure to check out the rewards for the different pledge levels!

This is an all-or-nothing campaign, so I’ll have to raise the $300 (or more) to make this project a reality.  Click on the “K” in the graphic below to see the campaign.

There are several pledge levels, but here’s the one that includes everything for $100.  Check out the kickstarter site for more details!

If you love Edwardian fashion, this pledge is for you! Choose the color and select an option of suggested materials for an Anna Rose exclusive design. This amazing dress will be worn by one of the main characters to an important party! If you’ve ever wanted to be a fashion designer, this is your chance.
You will receive a signed paperback of the first book in the series. This reward is ONLY available in the continental United States.
Your name will be listed in the preface of each book in the series, thanking you for your generous support.
Your name will be included as one of the guests at an early 1900’s formal party! There will be several parties, but you’ll attend the one that sees Anna Rose’s first success as a designer.
You’ll receive an ebook copy of this first story in the series.
Your name will also be included on the list of Generous Supporters published on the Lavender Lass Books website and Facebook page through the end of the year.
(Barring any technical difficulties.)