Liza Street – Her Celery Stalker

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Liza, thank you for stopping by to talk about your story in our charity anthology. For those who don’t know, all proceeds of Eat Your Heart Out will go to The Hunger Project!

Here’s the blurb:

Cadence thinks she’s no stranger to the supernatural—she has an uncanny gift with plants. But when a hot-as-kale man shows up naked in her garden and tells her he’s a mountain lion shifter, well, it sounds a bit super-supernatural. She’s not sure if she believes his claim. If she can’t bring herself to trust him, though, more than her garden might be at risk. This paranormal romance story is short, suspenseful, steamy, and includes a few produce puns. Lettuce commence with the tale.

And now to the interview:

1. How did your individual cover inspire your story?
Well, at first my title was “Her Leek Lover” because we thought the image showed leeks instead of celery. Apparently neither Skye nor I eat enough vegetables. 😉 Once we figured that out, I started brainstorming celery puns. There aren’t a lot, but something to do with “stalker” came to mind. However, I don’t think stalkers are sexy or cute. I needed the hero to be stalking her for a good reason—and from there, the story was born.

2. What would the ‘heat level’ be in your story?  Should it come with a warning label?
Most of my books are 4 out of 5 on the heat scale, with characters who aren’t afraid to show their pants feelings on the page. Modeling good consent is super important to me, though, so everything happens with permission.

3. Can you tell us a little about the characters in your story?  Are they meeting for the first time or is this related to a series?
This is a standalone story set in my Fierce Mates world, where shifters are unknown to humans. Cadence, my heroine, is a human and is shocked to meet a mountain lion shifter. Travis has been watching her for a little while, and his protective instincts kick in big-time when he realizes she might be in danger.

4. What was your favorite part about writing this story? 
I really enjoyed the challenge of writing a short, suspenseful-and-steamy romance. And the vegetable puns were super fun!

5. Is this your first time participating in an anthology?  What are some of the best things about being in an anthology?
I’ve had books included in several anthologies, and it’s a blast getting to meet new-to-me authors. And I’m always hoping to meet new readers through the experience, too!

6. What genres do you write in?  If more than one, do you have a favorite?
I primarily write paranormal romance, but I recently branched out into a paranormal wild west series that I can best describe as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets True Grit.” I can’t pick a favorite! Both genres are great in different ways. The paranormal romance gives me all the romance and a satisfied HEA feeling with every book, but when a hero and heroine’s story is over, those characters are basically done. The paranormal wild west series features the same main characters, and it’s a blast to get to know them better and better with each book. Plus, a wild west full of vampires and other supernatural creatures is an awesome playground.

7. Where can we find out more about you and your books? 
Here’s my website:
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Thank you so much for joining me today, Liza! And remember, you can pre-order the anthology today!!!