Magic’s Betrayal

“We’ll return you to your home in a few hours,” Sam assured them.  “I doubt anyone will realize you were gone, but I have something to show you first.”   Leading them back down to the lake, Sam knelt down and swept one hand through the water.  A picture materialized in the water, which showed snow-covered mountains behind a dark forest.  A river ran between jagged rocks and then disappeared into the trees.  Above it, they could see a waterfall cutting through the mountains and then nothing, but the snow.

“That’s as far as I can take you across the water,” Sam said as she moved her hand and the picture changed.  “This is where you’ll need to go if you want to return your lands to your people and eliminate the threat from the North.”  They looked down and on a high cliff, overlooking the ice and snow, stood a stone castle.  There was very little light, more of a glow through the swirling snow.  Then, the blizzard closed in and the castle was gone.

“That’s where your brother is being held, Robin.”  Sam looked down and touched the water softly.  “Liam is so brave.  I should never have allowed him to go before we had our plan finalized.  He can be very convincing, when he wants to be.”

Sam smiled, looking both beautiful and sad.  “Your brother is so heroic and yet so kind.  I feel it is my fault that he is being held captive.  I did not realize the full extent of what we were facing or who we were up against with the Lord of the North.”  Sam looked over at Pat and said, “Devon is more powerful than any of us realized.”

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