Moonlight Roses & Murder

Selina walked over to the bar and poured two glasses of whiskey.  She carried them back into her office, set them down on her desk, then opened the safe.  She took out a vial and very carefully added three drops of liquid to one of the glasses.  Then, considered for a moment and added two more.

As she walked back into the living area, she handed one of the glasses of whiskey to Damian.  “I thought you might like a drink.”

He looked at her and smiled.  “Nice of you.  I don’t suppose you’d mind switching glasses?”

Selina hesitated, then smiled.  “You don’t trust me?”

“I do if you’ll swap glasses with me.”  Damian raised an eyebrow and Selina handed him her glass.  He gave her the other one and they toasted, then he watched her take the first sip and drank his whiskey.

“That should help you rest,” she said as she took the glass out of his hand.

He felt himself getting foggy.  “What did you put in the whiskey?” he asked.

“It won’t hurt you,” she replied, “but I’m not taking a vampire hunter home with me unless he’s in no condition to be a threat to anyone.”

Damian shook his head and tried to get up.  “You don’t understand, you shouldn’t have done that…”  He fell back and closed his eyes.

Selina smiled and finished her whiskey, then walked back into the office.

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