Robin and Jamie

Action, adventure, magic and romance. An ancient curse has returned to the lands! Robin and Jamie must help a fractured group of heroes reunite to stop an evil sorceress and the Lord of the North.

I started writing Robin and Jamie as an experiment. What can we do in a book that would not be possible in a TV show or movie? Never tell the reader if the main characters are men or women. I wanted to make the two main characters (and one of the water fairies) known for what they believed in, what class they came from, why they were fighting, how they fought, what their alliances might be…everything except whether they were the guy or the gal. I’ve always loved fairytales (alright, and the dresses) but it seems very impractical to be running around in the forest wearing one. I hope you enjoy the story!

Excerpt from book:


A long time ago, the lands were new and green surrounded by the bluest water imaginable.  All sorts of plant and animal life flourished on the lands and in the waters.  To the First Ones, who came to this land, it was a paradise.

For many generations, the people enjoyed long life and prosperity.  Artisans and craftspeople developed unique and beautiful methods for their work and eventually the lovely lands were known for the wonderful items its people produced.

As the First Ones continued to live in freedom and harmony, they explored the more spiritual side of their beliefs.  They discovered that it was possible to reach a state of sublime oneness with all the plants and creatures in their lands and waters.  They slowly specialized in these various abilities, as they had their arts and crafts.  For some, this ability led them to ascend to a higher plain of existence, while others chose to remain in the beautiful lands they loved.

After many, many generations, those who remained found they lived longer than their predecessors.  They were able to do more creative tasks with their new abilities, which some considered magic.  The people’s appearance changed slightly, as they began reflecting these new abilities.

Far beyond their lands, there was rumor of a great lord, who envied the First Ones and their magic.  It was said, he was raising an army and would take the land and the people, who dwelled there.  He also planned to learn the secrets of the plants and animals, believing they somehow held the key to the magical abilities of the people.  He would come and strip the land of everything that made it special, then bring it all back to his own kingdom.

The First Ones could have left and traveled to other places. Some even thought about following the few, who had ascended to the higher plain of existence.  But that would do nothing to protect their lands and all that they loved.  So, they decided to stay and fight the lord.  But they had no weapons, no defenses…only their magic.

As the Lord arrived, they used their tricks and conjuring to confuse the soldiers and keep them contained to the beaches and lands just beyond.  After many weeks, the soldiers grew tired of fighting and started to appreciate the beauty of the lands they saw.  Many left the lord as he slept, escaping to the lands beyond…and he was forced to start guarding his own men.  Those, who were loyal to him, encouraged the lord to fight one final battle and defeat the magical beings, while they still had enough troops to be victorious.

The lord had brought a lady with him, who was both beautiful and mysterious.  She was rumored to be a powerful sorceress and it was said she possessed a magic much darker than any found in this land.  The lord asked his lady for a way to defeat the First Ones and let him possess all that they had.

She told him it would cost him everything he desired, but she would do as he asked.  They would rule together and he would do as she commanded.  The lord agreed, for he desired the secrets of the lands so much, he had to have them.  Even if it meant sharing his power with another.  The lady disappeared for three days and when she returned, she brought a crown for the lord, who would soon be king of all these lands.  The crown, made of gold and covered with jewels, would be the symbol of all his power.

There was one final battle that apparently destroyed them all.  Many of the details were lost to history and lore, but the resulting fallout saw the end of the lord, the lady, the magical ones and the soldiers.  All that remained were the men, who had escaped into the lands and fled the soldiers.  They sent for their loved ones and remained in their beautiful new home, soon joined by others, looking for a fresh start.

From time to time, there was talk of a magical folk, who lived in the forests or by the seas, but it was just talk.  If someone occasionally swore they’d seen “the fairies” about, it was usually one too many pints at the pub.  Different kingdoms arose in the lands, but there was plenty for everyone, as the fields and forests, as well as the waters, provided all that the people needed.

And for eight hundred years, there was peace in all the lands.

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