Sweet Romances

I hope you enjoy these clean/sweet romances! ❤

Short Stories

What was life like in the early 1900s? For a rural farm couple, there is romance, love, understanding and hope. Follow these very short stories to see how two people continue to see the best in each other and appreciate every day they have together.

These glimpses of the past are based on my dad’s memories of spending summers with his paternal grandfather, who shared what life was like for him as a young man. I hope you enjoy the stories!

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A sweet holiday romance with a little fantasy.

A small town has held on to their traditions and celebrates Christmas as if it were 100 years ago…which reporter Jake Logan finds surprisingly charming, but wonders if it’s too good to be true.

Jake has traveled the world but never really felt at home, until he spends time in a town that has its own unique way of celebrating the holidays. The longer he stays, the more he comes to like the town, the people, and one charming B&B owner in particular.

Lorna Sullivan has never met anyone like Jake, but she knows tourists don’t stay once the holidays are over. The more time she spends with Jake, the easier it is to wonder if this could be different…but there are secrets in every town and this one could destroy their chance at happiness.

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And the book trailer!