The Importance of Being Churchill

Winston Churchill never trusted Hitler. When France fell to the Nazis, Britain was alone in their fight against Germany. There were no Allies, no second front…there was no one. Only the Axis powers and neutral countries that didn’t want to get involved in the war. Standing alone, Churchill rallied the British people by convincing them it would be better to fight for their freedom than to surrender. So began the Battle of Britain and what Churchill would call their nation’s finest hour.

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Excerpt from book:

Churchill warned his country of the dangers of Nazism, before Hitler unleashed his Blitzkrieg against most of the nations of Europe.  He changed a military disaster into a propaganda triumph, with the ‘miracle of Dunkirk’ and refused to submit, when Hitler attempted to destroy the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the Battle of Britain.  He rallied the British people during the Blitz, or Nazi bombings of London, Coventry and other British cities.  And Churchill worked diplomatically, with a variety of people, to accomplish his single goal—the defeat of Hitler and Nazism.

While each of these accomplishments was significant, what made Churchill unique is that he managed to do them all, mainly within the span of one year, while Britain faced a seemingly unstoppable Nazi war machine; completely alone.  After the fall of France in June 1940, there were no allies, no second front…there was no one.  All that remained were the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, Japan and the Soviet Union.  The officially neutral countries, like the United States, refused to involve themselves in another war.  Despite everything, Churchill rallied the British people, convincing them it would be better to fight for their freedom than to surrender to the Nazis.

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