The Mystery of Burrows Bay

This is the third book in a serialized story about family and friendships…that also includes a little magic. If you haven’t read the first two books, you can start with The Magic of Burrows Bay.

Maggie McCrae knew her granddaughters were not ready for the legacy she must leave them. The house, the grounds and everything that went with it would now be theirs. She vowed she would do all she could to protect them and hopefully, give them the time they needed to fulfill their destiny. Gabriella and Moira must learn to trust themselves and each other as they discover the true magic of Burrows Bay.

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Anacortes, Washington, August 1902

Agnes and Rory walked up the steps to the large Victorian home, which only a few weeks before had hosted Fiona’s fourth birthday party.

“I still can’t believe it,” Agnes said.  “There’s no other choice?”

Rory shook his head.  “He left too many debts.”

The front door opened just as Rory lifted his fist to knock.  “Thank you for coming.”  Rachel took a step back so they could enter.  Her luggage was stacked in the foyer, and Sarah sat on a stair watching them.

“Do you have to leave?” Agnes asked.  “Couldn’t you stay…”

“And what?” Rachel replied.  “Get a job teaching?  I considered it…but it’s probably better to go back to Rhode Island, than to try to start over here.”

“I know it won’t be easy,” Agnes said.

“It’s not that,” Rachel assured her.  “If I thought someone would hire me, I’d stay.”

Agnes glanced at Rory, who could read her thoughts as clearly as if she’d said them out loud.  “You should come work for us,” he said.

“I appreciate the offer,” Rachel replied.  “I really do but T’Eqwem is your nanny.  Unless you want me to work as a maid?”  She smiled.  “I’d be willing to do almost anything at this point.”

“No,” Agnes said, “not a maid.  I want you to be the children’s governess.  You’d be perfect.”

Rachel hugged her.  “You’ve always been a true friend.  Are you sure you really need me?”

“Of course,” Rory said.  “We need your expertise and little Fiona needs her friend.”  He smiled up at Sarah.  “Wouldn’t you like to come live with Fiona and Violet?”

Sarah nodded and carefully walked down the stairs.  “Yes, I would,” she said very seriously.

Rory laughed and picked her up, then looked at Rachel.  “What do you say?”

“We’d like that very much.”  Rachel looked around at her luggage.  “This is all I have that the creditors won’t be taking.”

“I’ll have John pick it up this afternoon,” Rory promised.

“Thank you,” Rachel said, squeezing Agnes’ hand.  “Thank you both.”

When they got back to the MacInnes mansion, T’Eqwem helped Rachel get settled, then they all had tea on the terrace as the girls played with their dolls.

“I’m so glad we’re staying.”  Rachel smiled at the other two.  “Now, our daughters will be as close as we are.  You both are so dear to me.”

That evening, Rachel stood on the third-floor balcony and watched the moonlight on the water, feeling at peace for the first time in days.  There was something almost magical about this place.  T’Eqwem had once said these woods were sacred.  Tonight, she thought she might believe that.

Chapter 1

MacInnes Mansion, Present Day

Gabbi and Emma looked out at the water from the third-floor balcony.  “It’s really beautiful up here.” Emma said.

“It is,” Gabbi agreed, “but we came to look at the book.”

“I wanted to watch the moon on the water,” Emma replied. “I don’t see this view every night.”

“All right.  I admit it.”  Gabbi smiled.  “I’m pretty lucky to see it every night and every morning.”

Emma turned to her.  “Yes, you are.  We’re both lucky to be a part of the history of this place.  Now, let’s go look at the book.”

“Right behind you,” Gabbi said as they walked through the linen closet and into the secret room.  She ran her hand along the book’s edge as it rested on the podium.

We’ll need the necklaces.”  Emma pushed on the trim of the bookcase to the left of the fireplace.  It slowly swung open and they stepped into the smaller space.

Below the photograph of the three women, Gabbi opened the compartment and took out the box.  “Who needs a security system with all this?” she asked, smiling.

“It took us long enough to find it,” Emma reminded her.

The rose quartz necklaces were inside, and the women took them out of the box and carried them back to the book.  “You take the top and I’ll do these two,” Gabbi said, dropping the quartz into the larger loops of the filigree.

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