Dare To Share A Dream

She moved with such grace that he couldn’t stop watching her.  She hadn’t seen him yet, but everyone at the dance seemed to notice her.  Then she saw him and came over to sign hello.  The pale blue dress she wore seemed to bring out the green in her eyes and Henry realized he had to do something.  He could not let her go home and marry someone else.  She was too precious to him.

“It’s so nice the way they’ve decorated the place tonight, don’t you think?”  As she looked up at Henry, all she could see were those eyes.  Why did they have to be such a deep shade of blue?  She realized she had been caught up in them for a few moments, then recovered by asking, “Did you have a nice time with the other students and their families?”

Henry just looked at her for a moment.  “Will you dance with me?” he asked, feeling the vibration of the music as the orchestra began playing.  The look in his eyes suddenly seemed hopeful and sad at the same time.  Clara took his hand and nodded yes.

It was the first time they’d danced together and somehow, neither of them were surprised at how well they fit together.  She seemed to anticipate his every move, as he twirled her gently around the floor.  He looked into her eyes and time seemed to stop.  They danced in slow circles and there was no one else in the world, but her.  He looked at her hair, her eyes, and then her smile.  How could he let her go?

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